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Jared Hall

Jared began cheerleading in southern California and has been apart of multiple Cheerleading Worlds Finalists Teams, competing at worlds 4 times as an athlete. Jared Began his coaching career first coaching Gymnastics, in Southern California studying tumbling and technique under Yelena Urosova and was selected for NCA staff in 2006 where he eventually became a collegiate instructor and Head Instructor, spending 8 years with NCA staff. Jared cheered at Western Kentucky university from 07-10, Competing in UCA partner stunts and placing top ten in 2009. Jared completed his graduate work and cheered at Sam Houston State University from 2011-12 winning a National Championship in 2012. in Jared's experience in the industry he has coached in a variety of locations and Gyms in addition to consulting for Allstar programs and skills work for College teams. Jared, is a credentialed judge for Varsity Brands and is in his second season Judging.


Alyssa Williams - Coach

Coach Alyssa was born and raised in Humble, Texas and this is the place she calls "home".   She has an older sister and brother which are both 30 years old.  She has a niece that is 3 years of age and is soon to be on the Encore Elite Show Team.

Coach Alyssa started her athletic endeavors with softball in Humble.  She was an extreme softball player and at age 7 was the 1st draft pick of her league.   She wanted to expand her opportunities and chose to try tumbling.   While tumbling at the gym by her house, her coach approached her parents to see if she would consider being on an All-Star Cheer team which she was more than excited to try.   This is when she found her true passion in sports.  Coach Alyssa has been an All-Star Cheerleader since the age of 8.   She has competed on teams from level 2-4.  She is a National Jump Champion and Synchronized Tumbling Champion. She has been an essential part of several National Championship teams.  She made the Jr High School Squad at Atascocita Middle School but found her passion for the All-Star arena out weighed her desire for school cheer.  She has coached all-star cheer teams for 5 years now and loves the opportunity to work with cheerleaders from age 3-18.  She can spot tumbling to level 3 and can coach teams to level 4.   She has a tremendous passion for the sport of cheerleading and loves to spread that passion to those in the gym.

Alyssa is CPR Certified and is a member of USASF.


Brooke Arnold - Coach

Coach Brooke was born and raised in Humble, Texas and graduated from Atascocita High School.

Coach Brooke started cheerleading at the age of 7 by cheering for youth football teams. She started competitive cheerleading shortly after and competed for 11 years. During those years Brooke also participated in school cheerleading, making the Atascocita Middle School cheer team in 7th and 8th grade, then at Atascocita High School making the JV cheer team in 9th grade, and Varsity in 10th, 11th and 12th grade.  In the midst of all of those teams, she was a part of the Texas Flip Factory family as an athlete during the 2009-2010 season, and coached teams from 2012-2014. Coach Brooke decided to take her cheerleading journey into college where she cheered on the University of Houston Cougars. After all those years on top of several years of coaching at a variety of gyms, Coach Brooke decided to stop cheering to focus on teaching kids all about the sport she loves and her education.

Brooke is currently a student at the University of Houston, studying marketing and hoping to graduate in 2017.   Coach Brooke is a USASF Member.


Heather Traweek - Coach

Coach Heather was born and raised in Houston, TX and graduated from North Shore Sr. High.

When Coach Heather reached middle school she decided that after many years of competitive dance and gymnastics it was time to find a new sport. After much thought Coach Heather picked cheerleading and hasn’t really stopped since. When she wasn’t cheering on the Mustangs you could find her at North Channel All-Stars. She was a part of North Channel for 6 years and competed on their Jr. and Sr. teams. After graduating high school Coach Heather started working for the National Cheerleaders Association where she taught cheer camps all across the great state of Texas. Coach Heather decided that after high school she would attend Kilgore College. During her time at Kilgore she cheered on the Rangers and also competed with the KC Rahs cheer team at NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL!  After Kilgore Coach Heather came back home to Houston where she attended the University of Houston! After cheering on the Coogs for 2 years Coach Heather took an internship in the athletic department.  During her time at UH she met and cheered with some good friends who coached at Texas Flip Factory. With their help Coach Heather became a part of the TFF Family!  Coach Heather spent 5 years at TFF working with athletes from age 3 to 18! She has coached many teams to numerous national titles, high points, and grand champion titles!  After TFF Coach Heather went on to coach at another Houston area gym for 2 years where she continued to have success.

Coach Heather graduated from The University of Houston with a degree in Kinesiology: Sports Administration.

Coach Heather is CPR Certified and a member of USASF.


Lauren Hayes